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Hello World and Basics

Starter Code

The bare minimum required for a plugin is the following starter code:

module.exports = function myPlugin(controller) {
// code

The exported function will be called when the plugin is loaded.


From there, we can add some logging so we know everything is working:

const { log, LogLevel } = require("@peacockproject/core/loggingInterop");

module.exports = function myPlugin(controller: Controller) {
log(LogLevel.INFO, "Hello World!");

This will log the string Hello World! to the console.

Notice how we import the log function from the loggingInterop module. Almost all of Peacock's core APIs are available to be consumed from plugins. You can take a look at the generated API type definitions here.

Exposed APIs

While the type definitions are a complete representation of the API, some files are not exposed at runtime. Namely, files that only contain type definitions as well as cli and index are not exposed (either because they would be empty, or trigger unwanted side effects when imported).

For a list of files that can be used at runtime, see this file.