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What our users say about Peacock.

"this feels so smooth wtf"

- TuplaPekoni

"game feels 100% smoother its insane"

- MooDehh

"Probably one of the most smooth experiences I have ever had playing hitman. I have had no disconnects while playing. (except the ones that happen because of bugs but I have heard those are gone now) There aren't any real downsides to switching. Custom contracts, escalations, and missions are all there. Only bad thing I can think of is not having all of the escalations, but those will be added eventually."

- Blazer


- riisikumi

"Peacock is very nice and I am not being forced to say this"

- apgl07

"I love peacock because ioi servers suck"

- Krugermeiier


- Sapors

"Great server replacement mod for hitman 3, offers up a lot of potential for custom player-made content, and has a promising future ahead."

- getro_gamer

"i ****ing love you rdil"

- taran

"I just gave the whole Peacock thing a spin, yeah I'm definitely gonna be using this for the most part from now on."

- Terraformer9x

"You have really done an amazing job Rdil and Co."

- PapaLevy

"Legit best server replacement"

- Ducker

"love peacock so far. It's amazing to play with all the weapons and unobtainable items and weapons. Not to mention the suits. Amazing work."

- Lazurite