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Peacock Team

Creator and Lead Developer
Hailing from the United States, rdil has always had a passion for coding. rdil created Peacock with the aim of reducing many of the headaches that HITMAN™ players experience.
Art Director
Hailing from New Zealand, Script, (also known as Sergei Larin - the talented art forger) handles artwork and branding for Peacock. Script enjoys expressing his unique art style and graphic design skills by making our roadmaps and drawing.
Creator of LocalGhost, Developer, Translator
grappigegovert is from The Netherlands, and created LocalGhost, a project for preserving HITMAN™ 2's now-retired Ghost Mode. Peacock is a complete rewrite of LocalGhost that adds many features on top, and grappigegovert has been brought on for his insight and coding talent.
Anthony Fuller
Data-miner, Modder, Developer
Anthony Fuller is known throughout the community as the guy who spoils Elusive Targets before they are officially released, and brought The Sarajevo Six to PC. His talent and wits are extremely valuable in building out Peacock.
Modder, Developer
Dafitius is a HITMAN™ modder who has been brought on mainly to work on the patcher.
Modder, Developer
Atampy26 is perhaps one of the most well known modders in the community. He creates excellent tools such as QuickMod, QuickEdit, QuickEntity, and the Simple Mod Framework. Atampy has joined the team to work exclusively on challenge support.
Alex the French otter is a Node.js freelance developer that helps with Peacock development. He is also a (wannabe) speedrunner of HITMAN™ and enjoys otters.
A graphics programmer by trade, Fusha enjoys extending and improving her favorite games by night. She developed much of Peacock's LiveSplit auto-splitter feature. She lives in the US and enjoys making videos, painting, and racing motorcycles in any remaining free time.
Website Maintainer
Solderq35 is our website maintainer and an avid speedrunner. He leads the moderation of the HITMAN™ games on
Krugermeiier was the first person to join the Peacock Discord, and has been a member since the beginning. Krugermeiier helps advise on major decisions and helps on the coding end.
Community Helper / Developer / Report writer
Tinosaurus is Adeze Oijofor's worst nightmare the Finnish helper guy, and has been around for a long time. He writes Bug Reports, helps with smaller things related to development, and is a moderator of the HITMAN™ games on Currently, he is studying computer science in university, as well as doing things with the website.


CurryMaker Alumni
Co-Founder, Ex-Developer
Hailing from Germany, CurryMaker helped build Peacock up in the early days, developing crucial features like destinations pages and escalations. These days, he frequently streams on Twitch.
riisikumi Alumni
Former Lead Moderator
riisikumi is proud to hail from Finland. He primarily handled moderation of the Discord.


  • A_Talking_Tree
  • Adam.
  • Agent Sleazeball
  • barbegue
  • Benny the First Hunter
  • BernardoOne
  • BlazDT
  • BluntsNBeatz
  • Captain_Flipflop
  • d00nicus
  • dez
  • frankmav
  • Gros_Shtok
  • Gunther
  • hugo
  • J0K3RNTV
  • KOats
  • Koipao
  • lilizzdog
  • mendietinha
  • Milan.png
  • Moo
  • N1ghtmar3
  • PapaLevy
  • riisikumi
  • PurpleKey
  • Quivorian
  • RandomGuy
  • scaler
  • Solder
  • Terraformer9x
  • Tinosaurus
  • Yannini

Thank you all very much!


  • Dutch - grappigegovert, Milan.png, Neko ❤️
  • Finnish - riisikumi
  • French - Hardware
  • Norwegian - Some Random Person
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - Arcanorum
  • Spanish - Nachito
  • Polish - se66el


  • Script
  • Krugermeiier
  • Tinosaurus
  • bcgyt