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Elusive Targets

On Peacock, you can play all Elusive Targets in the game. Our implementation of Elusive Targets is simple: you can play them whenever you want, and finish or fail the missions as many times as you want, with no time penalties.

How to Play

On HITMAN™ 2016, you will see an Elusive Targets tile on the main menu.

For other game versions, after starting up the game with Peacock, scroll right on the top bar of the main menu. Click the Career tab, then select the Elusive Targets tile.

The Brothers

You may see an Elusive Target on the menu titled "The Brothers", which the game will say you are missing the required content for. This Elusive Target is cut/unfinished content, and while the files are in the game, it needs to be activated by using mods.

Check out this mod by community member Kevin Rudd which adds back and polishes the mission.