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Auto-Splitter Setup

Guide written originally by Fusha.

This tool is meant for use in full game Hitman speedruns.


(see "How to Use" and "Other Usage Notes" below as well)

  • 100% accurate to how runs are timed for verification purposes, unlike the Official Servers Autosplitter.

  • Several miscellaneous glitches like the splitter not working correctly from "Outside" Romania starting location are fixed.

  • Splits fully automatically, based on which level you start on and which full game category you are playing. Starting and stopping the splitter (by pressing numpad keys etc) is not needed.

  • Works on both Steam and Epic versions of Hitman 3 unlike the Official Servers Autosplitter (which is Epic only).

  • Obviously this only works on Peacock, if you are playing on official servers for some reason you should use one of the other two Livesplit Guides.


  1. Install Peacock and LiveSplit if you don't have either of them installed (just unzip them wherever you want). If you already have Peacock installed, make sure to you have it updated to the latest version. After you get these apps installed/updated, close them for now.

  2. Download from here:

  3. Unzip Move the Livesplit.Server.dll and Noes.Javascript.dll files found within the unzipped folder to Livesplit/Components folder (refer to step 1 if you forgot where you installed the main Livesplit application). Here is an example image of how your Livesplit/Componentsfolder should look afterwards.

  4. Start LiveSplit.

  5. Right click on main LiveSplit window, then click on Edit Splits. Edit your split names (Segment Name) to your liking. Click on Insert Above / Below to add new segments. If you like, you can enter your estimated times in Segment Times.

  6. Click ok on the Splits Editor, then right-click the main LiveSplit window and select Save Splits for future use.

  7. Right click on main LiveSplit window, then click on Edit Layout. Double-click on Timer, then select Game Time for timing method.

  8. While still on the Edit Layout page: Click + button, then Control, then Livesplit Server.

  9. Click ok on the Layout Editor, then right-click the main LiveSplit window and select save layout for future use.

  10. Open options.ini in the Peacock folder and set liveSplit = false to be liveSplit = true instead, or else the livesplit integration will not work (it is turned off by default).

How to Use

(Do each time you open the game, order is important! Make sure to start LiveSplit and start the server before you start Peacock).

  1. Open LiveSplit

  2. Right-click on the main LiveSplit window, then select Control, then Start Server.

  3. If you would like to change what full game category you are running, edit options.ini file inside the Peacock folder and change the autoSplitterCampaign option to either trilogy, 1, 2, or 3 depending on which campaign you want to run (The autosplitter is set to trilogy by default). The autosplitter will only work so long as you play the selected campaign, in order.

  4. Open the folder where you have installed Peacock, and run Start Server.cmd and PeacockPatcher.exe.

  5. Start game as normal.

Other Usage Notes

  • The splitter will always fully reset and start a new run as soon as you start the first mission in the selected campaign, no matter what other state it is in. You do not need to start or reset the run in LiveSplit manually (by pressing numpad keys etc).

  • If you start a mission that is not the first mission, the one you just played, or the next mission after completing the mission you just played, it will stop the timer and stop tracking times until you reset back to the first mission in the campaign.

  • The splitter will automatically split (record time and move to next mission) as soon as you successfully complete a mission. However, if you replay the same mission multiple times (other than the first one in the selected campaign), it will automatically add reset times together for you, even if you "complete" the mission and it splits (for example if you failed to get SA at the last second, just replay the mission and it will auto-unsplit and add the reset time).

  • After you complete or fail a mission, it will print detailed timing info about the attempt you just made into the Peacock server window, with timing information down to tenths/hundredths of seconds for the attempt you just made as well as detailing the total amount of time with resets on the current mission.

  • As of v4.5.0, Peacock Autosplitter now defaults into a mode which will not log a successful mission completion (splitting and allow moving to next map) unless you complete the current mission with Silent Assassin rating. If you want to use the auto splitter for any% runs, change the autoSplitterForceSilentAssassin option in options.ini to be false.

  • For those that would like to participate in the weekly RTA SASO full game races, you can sign up at, and then set autoSplitterRacetimegg = true in options.ini in order to get access to RTA livesplit that integrates with