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What is Peacock?

Peacock is essentially a Hitman server emulator that runs on your own PC.

When you start the game, it doesn't connect to IOI's servers, only Peacock.


The benefits of using Peacock include:

  • Access Hitman's rating system without being connected to IOI's servers
    • Note: Peacock is not a fully offline experience.
    • Each time you start the game, you will initially need to be connected to the internet still, to pass Steam or Epic verification.
    • After you have passed Steam / Epic verification and have connected to Peacock, you are free to disconnect your internet if you like and you will stay connected to Peacock for the duration of your game session.
  • Obtain unlocks without grinding mastery levels
    • You will only have access to DLC items if you have purchased said DLC. Piracy is not condoned.
    • Unlocking items as you go is not supported at the moment, although it is planned to be added in the future.
    • Challenges are currently being implemented. As of Peacock v5.0.1, Paris map has support for in-game challenges.
    • If it is your first time playing (on either Peacock or official servers), some exits will be locked. You will need to unlock Dubai exits (need to unlock the elevators), Dartmoor exits (need to exit via bike at least once), and Colorado exits (need to use tornado exit at least once). These exits are handled client-side.
  • Play custom or otherwise discontinued / time limited content such as Ghost Mode, legacy escalations, elusive targets.
    • Display leaderboards for other Peacock users
Trivia: Why name it Peacock?

Peacock is the name that the game uses in its source code for the mission "The Showstopper", which ushered in a new era of Hitman. Hence, the reason for the name "Peacock".