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Ghost Mode

The Peacock Project is happy to announce that we are running our own LocalGhost server!

Ghost Mode for HITMAN™ 2 (and HITMAN™ 3 on Steam with a mod) has returned as an unofficial game mode! You and a friend can connect and invite each other to a friendly Ghost Mode match using Steam's invite system.

(Matchmaking is not supported).

Ghost Mode is available for PC players who own HITMAN™ 2 or HITMAN™ 3 on Steam.

How to Connect

  1. Download the LocalGhost Patcher from here.
  2. Open the patcher, and select on the drop-down menu.
  3. If this is your first time running the patcher, open Advanced Settings, and untick the box labeled Use http instead of https. Then click save.
    • Note: Only untick Use http instead of https when trying to play Ghost Mode. When trying to use Peacock for other game modes, please tick this box again.
  4. Start the game, press enter when prompted.
  5. You are ready to play Ghost Mode!

Want to go back to the official servers? Just close the patcher and restart the game.

Use in HITMAN™ 3

To use Ghost Mode in HITMAN™ 3 (Steam version only), you need to install a client-side mod to the game. The mod can be obtained here.

Side Notes

  • You can also play Ghost Mode with two people connected to the same Peacock instance, however exposing Peacock outside your home network may not be safe and isn't recommended.
  • This Ghost Mode server is run by The Peacock Project team, but is not Peacock itself!