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Installation and Usage

Here's how to get up and running with Peacock.

  • Steps 4-5 need to be repeated every time you launch the game. The game defaults back to the official servers otherwise.
  1. Be sure to check the requirements before reading further to ensure you have the required games / operating systems. Xbox Game Pass / Microsoft PC version of Hitman 3 is not supported, and Linux users should check this page.

  2. Download the latest Peacock release here. Select to download.

    • Note: There is also a option, only for Linux users. Refer to the Linux guide for Linux instructions.
  3. Extract (unzip) files. Running the files from within the zipped folder will not work.

  4. Navigate to where you installed Peacock, and run the files Start Server.cmd and PeacockPatcher.exe.

    • Depending on how you installed Peacock, you may need to open two folders to find these files, as shown in this example image: .
  5. Now start up the game while Start Server and PeacockPatcher.exe are still running. The game should launch with Peacock server. Check the FAQ or ask in the #help channel on Peacock Discord if you have trouble getting it to work.


Steps 2-3 may need to be repeated whenever Peacock receives an update (more info on the Updating page).